Sandy Mann
Reservations Manager - Sunburst Holidays
The WorX Pty Ltd. have cleaned a resort we used to manage, and then for the last 18 months or so they have cleaned the majority of our Holiday Homes with a portfolio that varies from over 100 properties in peak times, to about 50 constant ones all year round. There is no contract in place, and its an option for owners to use them or not - they are just our preferred contractor. We find them to be professional and courteous to all guests or owners etc, and are a pleasure to deal with. They have increased the size of their business and its been a benefit, as now there are better systems in place via their head office. Emails and questions are always answered and all we have to do is simply send them our Daily housekeeping report or the Forecast and they take care of the rest, no matter the day. We then get an itemised invoice with a completed checklist and photos attached so its great to present this to our owners and also a good way for us to check the cleans etc. Because of the number of staff they have, they have options for when people are sick etc, and so we rarely get told they have to hold a property over. We have other contractors and they are often unreliable or cant read the housekeeping reports. Where The WorX makes it effortless for us the majority of the time and we seldom get negative cleaning reviews from guests.